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Full-Process Arabica Coffee Producer

Every step our coffee takes, we’re there. We grow, process and roast our coffee to ensure that every beans meet the standard.

We put 100% effort to each and every step. That’s why we’re trusted by our customers all around the world.

Doi chang coffee - Single Origin

Washed Process

Our coffee is washed thoroughly during this process, so it gives you clean and bright tastes along with freshness a cup of coffee can possibly offer.

Immerse yourself in the true nature of Doi Chang Coffee Farm's coffee, which is the note of sweetness.

Natural Process

The area in which this process is done has to have the right amount of sunlight to properly dry the coffee bean, which takes as long as 15-30 days.

We do this process very delicately as it requires lots of attention and patience in order to yield high-quality coffee as we usually make.

Our dedication results in a tropical-fruity flavour profile, with a touch of berry-like tastes. Sophisticated yet smooth our naturally processed coffee will not let you down.

Honey Process

This process is something in between Natural Process and Washed Process. It's less common and harder to find in the market.

Our cherries are de-pulped and then dried with some mucilage still covered the beans, which results in natural sweetness after the bean is fully processed.

The smell and taste from fermentation is less intense than Natural Process, but sourness and acidity is less intense than Washed Process.

Roasting Service

Need Your Coffee Roasted?
Our Professional Roaster is Here to Help

After you’ve selected green beans, if you need your coffee roasted we can roast it to your likings.

With our professional roasters and machineries, rest assured your coffee is in the right hands.

Our Products

Adopa Coffee A Grade

Adopa Premium A-Graded Roasted Arabica Coffee Beans

A-grade washed process coffee which yields bright and clean coffee taste. Immerse yourself in a rich dark chocolate taste note, appropriately refreshing acidity or sourness, and surprisingly sweet aftertaste.
200 grams


Adopa Coffee Peaberry

Adopa Premium Roasted Pea Berry Arabica Coffee Beans

Peaberry washed process coffee, the best and rarest kind of bean there is. Bright and clean, dark chocolate taste note, some degree of sourness, sweet know the drill. But this time with smoother texture and more mellow taste.
200 grams


Honey Flower Coffee

Coffee Flower Honey

Honey harvested from bee hives in the coffee farm area. Sweet and sophisticated.
The texture is more coarse than most honey. Perfect for spreading on toasted bread.


Drip Coffee

Adopa Drip Bag Coffee

Contains 5 coffee drip bags.
Premium single origin Doi Chang Coffee.
High quality coffee at your disposal, no equipments needed, except for you favourite coffee cup.